I’m just your usual nutty publishing enthusiast. I’ve worked in Educational Sales for the past decade and before that in the retail end of the Book Industry for Waldenbooks, remember them? Back in the days of Books in Print on the CD Rom and computers with only a couple of colors… ooh the fancy ones we have now. In my Educational Sales background I’ve worked for many publishers as a publishers rep; Scholastic, Heinemann Library, Gareth Stevens, Rourke, Child’s World, Baker & Taylor and the list goes on and on; serious, the sucker is long. It’s all been a fun, interesting experience.

This blog is my place to talk shop; a lot of that shop is now eBooks, having worked in that for the past 1 1/2 years, I’ve developed a passion for it, which goes nicely for the passion I have for education and books in general. I want to share what I know from working with libraries who ventured into eBook – land and never returned.. all good though. I still work with eBooks, I’m learning InDesign and learning more and more about identifiers, metadata and all the other nuts out there like me who love publishing. This won’t be a company specific deal, my own thoughts, no ties to any company, just plain honest thoughts on what I’ve seen, currently see and where I think we can take it.. to the next level.

Sure a lot of what I’ll say is from a library perspective, but I also have consumer thoughts, perspectives from designing eBooks, the consumer end and just plain old thoughts. So if you want to follow along, great, if not, no worries. I want to shake up publishing, I want to shake up perceptions and make people think in a different light, maybe a simpler light.. just get the conversation going.


**oh yeah, you may occasionally run into a rant on whiskey or cigars… hey, you have to other things to talk about as well.


One response to “About

  • Josh Mullineaux

    We have been reading and following your blog for the past few months and you have some great insights into the publishing world.

    Would it be possible to have a phone call with you to talk about what my company is doing? I would truly appreciate your consideration and find your opinions extremely valuable.

    We are about to release our universal version of Highlighter that will work on any website and any web-based e-reading platform.

    Thank you again for your consideration.



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